Links To Websites / Businesses I Like

CornUtopia --- My wife, Kathy, has a separate website devoted to her continued propagation of corn snakes and other beautiful herps.

--- The best gathering of field herpers / photographers share their info and images here.  If you like to see herps in nature, THIS is the place! --- My friend Marc Cantos has launched his new website as the ultimate source of turtles and tortoises. --- My friend Chris Lechowicz has a comprehensive site devoted to the map turtles (genus Graptemys) of the U.S.

Savage Digital --- Cool, stylish herp (and other) photography by Randy May; select your way to his 'Gallery' and eventually to 'Reptiles'.  And don't miss his invertebrate pics too!

The Gardens of Eden --- Michael D. Kern has the magic touch for nature photography, and is especially hot in the herp subject department.  Check his website for some visually stunning imagery.  

Herp Trips --- Eitan Grunwald loves to go field herping.  His shutterbug's eye records his discoveries in fine detail in natural photos taken in the animals' natural habitats.  Enjoy!  

Amazing Blue Reptiles --- A quality source of live, captive-bred panther chameleons from breeders who understand how to do it right and keep the genetics straight - for those who mistakenly reach my site thinking I breed chameleons.

Glades Herp, Inc. --- Your best source on this planet for a huge selection of herp species, including chameleons,  for sale and trade.   PLEASE, call them for your live chameleon needs :    (352) 568-1713.

International Herpetological Symposium --- This is the annual herp meeting that helped launch the art of herpetoculture in the U.S.!   

Fred Parker Photography's Ultimate Exposure Meter --- A guide for nature photographers - the basics of how light affects pictures and is controlled by a camera (and you), broken down so you can really understand and use it.  

T-Rex Products, Inc. --- A manufacturer of a huge line of quality, well thought-out products for herp keepers.  

La Vibora --- Jim Campbell is an old pal of mine; he now lives down in the southern tip of Texas.  He specializes in breeding venomous snakes, especially tree vipers, ESPECIALLY gorgeous morphs of eyelash vipers.

The World of Atheris --- Michael Jacobi is into this genus of the African bush vipers in a major way, with up-to-date data on all species. ---  This site is an international center for the sharing of information regarding all aspects of old world chameleons. 

Fauna Magazine --- The finest periodical in the universe about the beautiful diversity of life on Earth.  Special emphasis is placed on the oft-neglected 'lower' life-forms like herps and arthropods.  Bi-monthly, it features superb photography, exciting text, and total devotion to nature like you've never seen it before.   Wildlife and adventure lovers, it's a MUST !

Ripa Ecologica --- Dean Ripa's elegant website about bushmasters and other vipers.  Especially noteworthy and recommended for reading by all herpers is his in-depth article "Degenerated Science", readable in full at his site.

Corn Snake Progeny Predictor --- Mick Spencer offers a downloadable program for giving you the expected results from most crosses of the various corn morphs available.

Reptiles Magazine --- The world's best monthly herp periodical, and one I've written & contributed photos to since its inception back in 1993.  

No Shitting in the Toilet --- A celebration of everything that is perverse about traveling around the world.    Fun & different!

The Venomous Snakes of Florida, and Snakebite First Aid --- My old buddy Greg Longhurst has a very informative section on a fishing-oriented site that's definitely worth a read.

Sacha Korell's Natural Elaphe Collection --- A serious, non-commercial hobbyist into some less-common rat snakes of the world.

Frogs & Toads in Color & Sound --- Lang Elliott has posted a dozen nice pics of eastern U.S. anuran species, and the recorded calls to match each one.

The Garter Snake Page --- Alan Francis has dedicated his herpetocultural efforts to garter snakes (genus Thamnophis).

Snakes of Louisiana --- Mike Monlezun and K.J. Lodrique Jr. present a fact-filled and well-written site about Louisiana serpents.  

HERPO --- John Hollister's got a cool site with a variety of herp subjects, including my favorite, a pictorial tour of herping the Trans-Pecos area of West Texas.  This is his self-described labor of love, including a bunch of his right-on-the-money opinions, and is worth a close and leisurely perusal.

Lost World Reptiles --- Gino & Ellen Sassani's site dedicated to their colubrid breeding projects in the Tampa Bay, Florida area.

Melissa Kaplan's Herp Care Information Collection --- Lots of herp help online for all sorts of herps.  If you're looking for help with nearly any herp species in captivity, try here.

Herp Vet Connection --- This site will help you locate a veterinarian with herp experience near you within the United States.

RodentPro --- Kevin Bryant' RodentPro is my source of frozen feeder rodents to supplement what I breed.  His product quality is extremely high, + rodents are neatly packaged and sorted in sizes I find useful.  I've also found him to be ultra reliable - he ships when he says he will!

Snake Steak Sausages by T-Rex --- I've used these products quite successfully on my corns.  They come frozen in packets and can be stored in your freezer for convenient use between meals of whole rodents.

Images From A Fragile Planet ---  Greg & Mary Beth Dimijian's admiration of  Earth's beauty is evident in their nature imagery from around the world.  Their newest section, taken on tour with me during Oct-Nov 2003, features Madagascar.

Franco Andreone's homepage --- This researcher from Italy is a major player in studying Madagascar's herpetofauna.

FOR  THE  ULTIMATE  SOURCE OF  HERP  SITES  ON  THE  WEB,  CHECK OUT: --- This is Jeff Barringer's very informative and ultra up-to-date gathering place for all herpers and herp-oriented websites.   It also has some of the busiest chats and forums on all subjects involving herps.   At this site, you're only a click away from virtually anything you'd ever want to know about herps!



Reelviews - Berardinelli Sees Film --- As a long-time movie fan, I find that James Berardinelli's movie reviews and commentaries on the film industry run closest to my own.  His website is the one I check most often to help guide my interests about new flicks currently hitting the big screen. --- My pal Gino Sassani reviews all my favorite flicks the second time around - when they come out on DVD and Blu-ray.  His critiques cover the entire production, including all the extra goodies that come with it in addition to the actual films themselves.

IMDb --- Internet Movie Database is the most all-inclusive site about the movies.  You can look up every detail of every movie across the history of film-making.  A very handy place for movie buffs, checking trivia, stars, etc. 



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