PowerPoint  Presentations  

by  Bill  Love


>>>>  "Herp Photography - Beyond Snapshots"    With over three decades of recording herps on slides under my belt, I've finally gone digital (Nikon gear) and gone to PowerPoint for my newest presentations.  I still place the greatest emphasis on technique, not gadgetry.  In this talk, I discuss and show plenty of examples of good vs. 'bad' comparative shots that will clearly demonstrate how to avoid the many common pitfalls that result in less-than-memorable photos.  It's fun and educational, covering herps from all over the planet in nature and in the studio.  Even non-shutterbugs will learn from and enjoy this one, but since everyone has a digital camera these days, anyone will be able to emulate my advice to create more interesting herp poses, use more pleasing lighting, etc.  You'll leave the talk knowing that fancy and expensive equipment is hardly a necessity to capture a great image.  


>>>>  "Madagascar - Splendid Isolation"   This all-encompassing PowerPoint presentation covers the entire country with the all-time best imagery from 12 lengthy trips there between 1991 and the late 2000s.  I've been to every corner of this '7th Continent' to record the unique fauna and flora.  The emphasis is on the herpetofauna, but anyone with a fascination with bizarre plants, leaping lemurs, global cultures and unfamiliar places will revel in this sumptuous visual tour.  


>>>>  "The Rise of Herpetoculture"   This PowerPoint presentation explores how the art of keeping and breeding reptiles grew from a fledgling hobby to the huge hobby and business that it is today.  The show is heavy on pictures of the people, places and commercialism that propelled the rise, crediting those who contributed most (including the people I call the 'Godfathers of Herpetoculture').  I wrap up with predictions about the future and highlight the challenges and enemies we face today.  LINK

RISE of HERPETOCULTURE - Full Presentation, 10-21-09.pp

>>>>   "Herping in Mauritius" An in-depth tour of the tiny island of Mauritius where dodo birds used to roam.  Lots of strange, cool creatures are featured, nearly all of which are endemic to those countries.  While the emphasis on herps, but I'll also cover plenty of other fauna and landscapes to make the presentation fascinating for anyone interested in nature.  Not many people ever venture to this other-side-of-the- planet' place, making this a rare glimpse at fascinating faunas and floras in a 'land that time forgot'.


>>>>   "Herping Across Oz (Australia)"   Come see what the land down under is all about, from the largest herp show in the entire country in Sydney to the desert Outback of Western Australia.  A visual treat, this presentation is 100% about the places and animals I viewed during a trip that spanned the country in May 2009.


>>>>  "Herp Quiz"   An in-depth, photo-format quiz to test your knowledge of the herp world with imagery from across the planet and across all aspects of herpetoculture and herpetology.  The 80 multiple choice questions are all photographic in nature; even the 'stumpers' will be a visual feast.  No one is expected to get them all correct, but a few people have gotten in the high 60s right a few times.  I show the answers at the end so everyone will learn something new and interesting!


>>>>  "35 Years of Photographing Herps"   This is an 80-slide (35mm slide) assortment of 'vintage' images chronicling Bill Love's life (so far) of capturing herps on film.  It's a collection of my favorite "Stories Behind The Shots", each of which spawns a fond memory of the circumstances around taking them.  Serious young and old herpers alike will be amused and educated by these tales of the good, ol' days (from the past 3.5 decades).    



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