Geckos are quite adept hunters, as this pair demonstrates.  At left is an adult Paroedura stumpffi with a hefty-sized spider it just caught on the dry forest floor near the Ankarana Massif.  My group saw it scurrying along the ground during a night hike.

The giant day gecko Phelsuma madagascariensis grandis (right) is on the wall of the King's Lodge near Diego-Suarez.  It was just after dark when this 'resident' took up position near a light where hotel owner York Pareik assures me it comes regularly to catch the smaller 'house geckos' (probably Hemidactylus sp.).  Day geckos are usually diurnal, but take advantage of lighted situations with abundant prey to hunt nocturnally.  York says a couple of these geckos moved into the main building shortly after the last hotel cat died; the coast was clear once the top predator was out of the picture!