Giant day geckos Phelsuma madagascariensis grandis add bursts of color to the north as their day-glow green, 8+ inch bodies adorn many of the larger trees.  Finding large trees is sometimes the greater challenge, but when you do, a sexual pair of these beauties can usually be counted upon to live on it.  I took the larger photograph a mere stone's throw from the airport at Diego-Suarez while awaiting a late flight.  Upon seeing a white object in the lizard's mouth from a distance of 15 yards, I wondered if it hadn't raided a nest of rival day gecko's eggs.  Once I zeroed in with a 200 mm macro, it was plain to ID the meal - a newly molted cockroach.  These omnivores also lick nectar from flowers, as I caught the one doing in the inset pic.  In captivity, they also gorge on overripe fruit.