The Malagasy cat-eye snake Madagascarophis colubrinus must be the most abundant serpent on the island.  I've found it in every habitat from highlands to jungles to spiny forests.  These examples were found in the Ipetriky (sp-?) Forest in southeastern Madagascar near the village of Manambaro in Jan. 2001.  I placed them on branches with sleeping chameleons to see if adult snakes included lizards in their diet; the answer was obvious very quickly as they showed no hesitation in grabbing chameleons.  The juvenile Furcifer lateralis (upper left) was swallowed alive.  A half-grown Furcifer verrucosus (right and below left) struggled enough that constriction was necessary.  These snakes also use mild envenomation (through rear 'fangs') to help subdue prey.