Why  consider  going  to  Madagascar  on  a  tour  with  Blue  Chameleon  Ventures ?

Hi, I'm Bill Love, tour leader on all of my trips.  The many baby chameleons adorning my hat were living in the bushes near our group's hotel.    

  Let me tell you what makes a Blue Chameleon Ventures' tour to Madagascar the most enjoyable and memorable nature vacation you'll ever take !  

With all the great trips being offered to alluring, exotic locales around the earth each year, what makes mine stand out?   Simply put, I feel I offer a spectacular destination that's unrivalled in nature, combined with the best blend of adventure, exploration, and tour leader enthusiasm.   I further back this with my own friendly nature, spontaneity, resourcefulness, and experience in Madagascar since 1991!  

I know that the relatively small handful of people who ever choose to visit faraway Madagascar do so because they tend to be of a special breed unique, intelligent, interesting individuals.   They want something other than another typical holiday vacation to a popular mass-visited tourist site.   They want a special, personal experience that can't be had with a large group being ushered from place to place on crowded, precisely-scheduled tour busses.

In this age of information overload, films, TV, publications, and the Internet provide nearly limitless sources of knowledge and entertainment.   But there's still something better than all that --- experiencing the excitement of discovery in person on a visit to the world's last 'Lost World', Madagascar!   Learning new things while out in nature is the greatest thrill of all to a true nature lover like me.   My father passed on his wisest piece of advice when he told me: "Always live and learn; some people just live."   I've tried to make it my life's philosophy.   It's what constantly propels my enthusiasm.  It's why you'll have a GREAT time with me on tour!

On my trips there'll be enough leaping lemurs, bizarre bugs, weird succulent and spiny plants, rarely-seen birds, and exotic landscapes to please any nature lover.   To these Ill work to add frequent encounters with my personal favorites -- the "herps" (reptiles and amphibians).  We'll be out in the field a lot finding beautiful chameleons, dazzlingly colored day geckos, artistically patterned tortoises, and even some fascinating snakes!   A comforting side fact:  No Malagasy snakes have bites that are dangerous to people, unlike on mainland Africa.   We usually find literally hundreds of species of endemic creatures on every trip!

<<<    Me (left) with my tour group in November 1999 on a chilly morning up on Montagne d'Ambre.  The people that choose adventure trips to off-the-beaten-path kinds of places like Madagascar usually delight in discovering the beauty and intricacies of nature.  They also tend to bond easily, and often make lasting friendships among themselves, and with me.  

While en route to each location, we frequently pause to purchase and sample odd fruits and other foods, meet and talk to the Malagasy people living in rural areas, ask about local conditions and wildlife, check what's hiding inside tree holes or under bridges, examine odd plants, etc.   We welcome any excuse to poke around in the bush, so we stop often, and see more than most visitors ever do due to this purposefully inquisitive habit of mine.   It also helps make it a true cultural experience because we meet real people, not only the big city residents catering to tourists.

Past tour members haven't minded a little dust and sweat along the way as long as showers, hot meals, and clean comfortable rooms await them at day's end.   This is almost always the case --- we schedule comfortable places wherever they're available.   They're never more than a day or so distant, even when we pitch tents in nature reserves or occasional remote areas that are only accessible to campers.   I try hard to make the day's discoveries and excitement overshadow the few bug bites and scratches that accumulate on anyone having a good time in the field.  

PLEASE NOTE :  In case you haven't noticed from my pictures, I'm a large, 'husky' guy, NOT an Olympic athlete who sprints along trails or up hills.  I always take it slowly to enjoy the scenery, spot hidden animals, take pictures and chat.  It's true we walk a lot, but don't worry that it will be at a fast pace or up impossibly steep hills.  I'll always describe walks as accurately as possible in advance for you to judge.  If ever a tour member feels the need to rest, or return early from a walk, this can usually be accomplished by our local guide splitting off to accompany those persons.

I am also a dedicated shutterbug who'll make the extra effort to get interesting shots of and for my tour members.  This photographic dedication benefits everyone because I also want you to get the best pictures possible to remember your trip.  We have great fun recording memorable things like interactions with local people, chameleons snatching grasshoppers off our noses, cryptic forest animals that blend in with their habitats, etc.  That's a sleeping, bark-colored dwarf chameleon that I'm pointing out as it clings to a twig in the center of the photo at right  >>>

For any of my tour members who didn't get a certain shot, or miss a photo op, I have always made copies of any special images I happen to get during the trip for only the cost of duplication.

These reasons sum up the way I feel and act.   I  REALLY  LOVE  MADAGASCAR , and put all my enthusiasm and prior experience there into letting each new trip build upon and try to outdo the last.  Simply put, you'll have the maximum fun and adventure on one of my trips!   

If you've read this far and are seriously interested in coming on one of my tours, I can supply a list of references who have been on one of my trips during each of the past years I've led tours.  I'll send it out immediately to any email or telephone inquirers who specifically request it.   

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PLEASE call or email me to discuss any other aspect of my tours at length.  My phone (239) 464 - 6642, and Im always happy to talk about Madagascar.

Sincerely,  Bill Love      EMAIL:  bill@bluechameleon.org   

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